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LDS gospel library for feature phones

by LDS Media Talk | Everything Else

We’ve provided information on LDS Media Talk about the LDS mobile apps provided by the Church. With these a...

A Cappella "Come All Ye Faithful" - Eclipse

by YouTube | Arts & Entertainment

Eclipse just released their new CD, It's Christmas Time . ( Click here for more info. ) If all the tracks a...


LDS musician receives GRAMMY nomination

by Shadow Mountain Records | Arts & Entertainment

Utah native and member of the Church Jenny Oaks Baker received her first ever GRAMMY nomination last n...


Fund builds members, their communities, and the Church

by | Opinions & Features

David Figueroa is a returned missionary in Ecuador who had to close his baked goods business when it failed...


Christ-centered Christmas Advent activities

by Mormon Women | Opinions & Features

Happy December 1! We’ve had people searching on the topic of Christ-centered advent calendars, so we’re pos...


Discover old and new gospel images in the updated media library

by | Everything Else

Where is that Arnold Friberg painting of Nephi found on the Church website? Where can members obtain high-r...

Relief Society Lesson #47: Exaltation

by The Exponent | Lesson Helps

This seems like a lesson where it would be very very easy to get bogged down by nit-picky details like, “Wh...

After Incarceration: A Story of Rescue

by | Opinions & Features

Peter Rosenberg’s story is unusual. After 30 years of being caught up in the world of drug addiction, he sp...


How can I get started on food storage?

by Mormon Women | Best of LDS Blogs

Patricia recently wrote and said: I was visiting the Ronald McDonald House in New Mexico last weekend. The ...

Savior of the World Production gives casts, audiences opportunities to testify of Christ

by | Arts & Entertainment

The scene is familiar: The baby Jesus lies swaddled in Mary’s arms as Joseph kneels reverently behind, look...