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Mitt Romney's campaign impacts LDS in Texas, Kentucky

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With the race for the Republican presidential nomination heating up, Mormon college students deep in the he...

How it matters if candidate is LDS

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With less than two months remaining until Iowa holds presidential caucuses Jan. 3, a Washington Post column...


Blue roundup: BYU to Big East attracting more attention

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Coach Bronco Mendenhall's acknowledgment and confirmation Monday that there have been conversations between...

Elder Nelson Visits South Africa

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BYU student prepares for life as an army chaplain

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Being in the U.S. military requires a certain level of toughness; however, being an LDS chaplain in the mil...

John Bytheway and lessons from the farm

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As John Bytheway listened to general conferences of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over th...

Rugby star Will Hopoate: 'I'm a Mormon'

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President Packer: 'I speak most earnestly to the one who is seeking'

by LDS Church News | What We Believe

All people live on spiritual credit; Jesus Christ is the mediator who steps between the debtor and creditor...


Modest fashion on the rise

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When you meet modest-fashion maven Jen Loch, who has tens of thousands following her online magazine and st...

Safety first in Church activities is focus of new Young Men website

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President Thomas S. Monson often enjoys quoting James Barrie, who said, "God gave us memories, that we migh...