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The news says Latter-day Saints are suddenly hip--but the church is square

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

There’s little doubt that the LDS Church’s “I’m a Mormon” advertising campaign is making good headway when ...

Relief Society Lesson #45: The Millenium

by The Exponent | Lesson Helps

I must admit my practical bias in teaching any church lesson: How do these teachings influence our thinking...


Public service award: Elder Christofferson honored for business, Church leadership

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

The San Francisco Bay Area chapters of the BYU Management Society awarded the 2011 Distinguished Public Ser...

Family history in Italy

by LDS Church News | Everything Else

As the United States has been observing American Heritage Month in October, and as Italy's year-long celebr...


A powerful new resource helps improve learning and teaching

by LDS Church News | Everything Else

As I conduct auxiliary training, I can now refer Church leaders to a uniquely powerful new resource: the Le...


'It all began in Primary'

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

Primary children all over the world have missionary opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They...


Studies show LDS couples staying true to principles

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

Are LDS couples really different? Research shared by Dean M. Busby, professor in the school of family life ...

Online library: Leading in the Savior's way

by LDS Church News | Everything Else

A valuable training resource for leaders in the Church across the world is now available on the Internet at...

Mormon Women and Motherhood, Fatherhood and Coparenting

by The Exponent | Best of LDS Blogs

As some of you may know, I’m editing an issue of “Sunstone” devoted to Mormon women and motherhood. As work...

LDS Institute works to fight leprosy

by The Herald Journal | Everything Else

The LDS Institute in Logan is collaborating with a nonprofit group, pledging to send 500 medical kits to In...