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Watch LDS General Conference Live

by LDS Media Talk | Everything Else

Before each conference, the First Presidency issues a letter to “invite all members of the Church to partic...


The priesthood blesses lives around the world

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The best thing about going to church in the first half of 2006 was the way I got there. I would wake up whi...

Utah couple to help LDS Church with legal issues in Africa

by Standard-Examiner | Opinions & Features

You don't have to explain to Jeff and Marge Clayton why members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day...


Elder Dallin H. Oaks teaches life lessons in new book

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

LDS apostle Dallin H. Oaks wrote his new book, "Life's Lessons Learned," despite resolving that he would no...

LDS Relief Society meeting now online

by LDS Media Talk | What We Believe

The English text, audio, and video from the LDS General Relief Society Meeting on September 25, 2011 are no...


Artist recalls his work for Mormon Pavilion at 1964 World's Fair

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

On a cold, gray day in early 1962, 41-year-old artist Ed Vebell put down his paintbrush and stepped back fr...

Breast cancer survivors, families invited to breakfast celebration with Sheri Dew

by Deseret News | Mormons We Know

Utah ranks last in the nation for the number of women over 40 years old receiving annual mammograms, and wi...


BYU students on quest for Peter Jackson to cast them in 'Hobbit'

by Deseret News | Arts & Entertainment

Jonathan Wright can't even go to Yogurtland or get in an elevator on campus at BYU without being recognized...


'Golden toaster' may be demolished following USU land swap

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Known to locals as the "golden toaster" because of its shape and color, the old church at 650 N. 1200 East ...

Did the Mormon Bachelorette Find Love?

by My Fox Phoenix | Opinions & Features