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9/11 and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Even now it seems strange that America’s worst day in my lifetime turned out to be one of the most spiritua...


"Book of Mormon" musical leads Tony nominations

by Reuters | Arts & Entertainment

"The Book of Mormon," a musical comedy skewering many classes of people, was nominated for 14 Tony Awards o...

NT Lesson 18 (JF): Luke 15, 17

by Feast Upon the Word | Lesson Helps

As I learned from Bruce Jorgensen, it is important to read the parables of Luke 15 together. Consider the s...

New MTC Training and Curriculum

by The Buzz in Baguio | Best of LDS Blogs

Staring in just a few days in May, all MTC's around the world are changing their training curriculum for al...

The Civility Experiment

by | Opinions & Features

What happens when random New Yorkers get together to talk about kindness and civility? That’s the premise o...

Local Teens Join Mormon Flash Mob

by Rancho Santa Margarita | Opinions & Features

A flash mob of about 350 Mormon teens from El Toro, Capistrano Valley, Tesoro, Mission Viejo, Santa Margari...


Who is 'the church'?

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

The other day I walked to my Sunday school class with my friend and her beautiful young daughter. The daugh...

True wealth comes by living gospel, LDS pioneer writes

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

In 1849 Hannah Tapfield King was a local poet, essayist and novelist, a figure of local repute living near ...


Women's Conference 2011: By small and simple things are great things brought to pass

by LDS Church News | What We Believe

More than 15,000 women from around the world gathered to the Brigham Young University campus April 28-29, t...


Photo gallery: Atlanta Georgia Temple youth cultural celebration

by LDS Church News | Opinions & Features

Photo gallery courtesy Chris d'Aquin. ...