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Scaled Model Provides Salt Lake Temple Open House Experience

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

More than a century has passed since the public open house was held for the Salt Lake Temple, but an exhibi...

YW Lesson 2-22 "Counseling With the Lord"

by Beginnings New | Lesson Helps

This lesson's all about drawing the Lord into your decisions, ongoing concerns, and long-term goals. It's p...


Church shows inside view of SL Temple through new exhibit

by KSL | News from Utah

A scaled model of the Salt Lake City Temple opened Friday offering an open house-type experience of arguabl...


BYU is not wanted in the Pac-10 due to discrimination

by Bleacher Report | What They're Saying About "Us"

There has been a lot of talk lately about major conference expansion. The Big Ten is going to grab this one...

Gila Valley Arizona Temple Slide Show

by Mormon Life | Official Church Info

Why Ask Why?

by Time Out for Women blog | Best of LDS Blogs

Have you ever asked your kids to do something and had them say, “WHY?” ...There are good reasons why God gi...

Community of Christ President Veazey extols cooperation with Mormon Church

by Deseret News | Everything Else

Welcoming several hundred Mormon history enthusiasts to the Independence, Mo., area, international headquar...

The Mormon who died without ever knowing he was called to be an apostle

by Standard-Examiner | Opinions & Features

A lot of men have been called to be LDS apostles since Joseph Smith’s time. Today, an announcement of a new...


by Mormon Mommy Blogs | Best of LDS Blogs

Have you ever heard anyone say, in explanation for some plight that had befallen them, "Everything happens ...

Some advice for my brother who will soon serve a mission

by Deseret News | Opinions & Features

Late Wednesday night, my wife and I pressed our ears against my cell phone and listened as my brother Chase...