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Pres. Uchtdorf urges honesty in business

by Deseret News | What We Believe

The actions of a business in one country can have ramifications and consequences the world over, which is w...

The Mormon Ethic of Civility

by Newsroom | Official Church Info

The political world is astir. Economies are faltering. Public trust is waning. Individuals feel vulnerable....

A tale of two saints: Catholic and Mormon

by Salt Lake Tribune | Opinions & Features

Fred E. Woods wasn't looking for transformation when he and his wife, JoAnna, spent their 24th wedding anni...


Anniversary of protest against BYU

by The Daily Universe | Opinions & Features

Forty years ago, the fortunes of the BYU and Wyoming football programs were reversed from today. The Cowboy...


The Mormon who could save Obama's skin

by The Independent | Mormons We Know

The searchlight is on the man from Searchlight, Nevada. Or to put it another way, the struggle to reform th...

conference report

by Light Refreshments Served | Best of LDS Blogs

I really enjoyed this recent General Conference because it seemed like there were a lot of talks that reall...


by Light Refreshments Served | Best of LDS Blogs

I have been teaching Gospel Doctrine in our ward for six years now. This time. I’ve done two four-year stre...


October 2009 edition of 'The World Report' from the Church

by Newsroom Blog | Official Church Info

The latest edition of The World Report, a semiannual report of news events around the world pertaining to T...

Why Elder Oaks’ Civil-Rights Analogy Works

by A Soft Answer | Best of LDS Blogs

Most coverage of Elder Oaks’ talk on Religious Freedom has centered on one sentence that analogized the int...

Keith Olbermann declares Elder Oaks one of the worst people in the world

by A Soft Answer | What They're Saying About "Us"

Hall of shame or badge of honor? I’ll take the latter, but it just goes to show what power the Associated P...