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LDS Church Makes Glassdoor's Top 20 Places to Work

by Danielle B. Wagner

As the only religious organization to land on  Glassdoor’s 2016 list of Best Places to Work, the LDS C...


Public Selects Book of Mormon as Fourth Most Influential Book in America

by Salt Lake Tribune | Mormon Life

Though Latter-day Saints recognize its priceless truths, it appears the public recognizes the Book of Mormo...


Hilarious Graduation Photo of Bonnie Oscarson Revealed at BYU Devotional

by Katharine Lyon | From the Church Humor Fun

Calling it a "surreal experience" to stand in the Marriott Center and give a devotional address on December...


Powerful Youth Video Shows Just How Wrong We Can Be About Others

by LDS Living Staff | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

Everyone has had those moments in church. We find ourselves stuck at a Scout or girls camp with someone who...


LDS Medal of Honor Recipient Died Saving Others at Pearl Harbor, Now Honored in Touching Way

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

We are so grateful for heroes like Capt. Mervyn Sharp Bennion who have served our country selflessly. One P...


Elder Christofferson Offers Prayer in U.S. Senate, Remembers Pearl Harbor

by Danielle B. Wagner | Mormon Life

On the morning of December 7, Elder D. Todd Christofferson offered the morning prayer in the United States ...


"Medical Daily": 4 Mormon Health Habits To Copy Even If You're Not LDS

by Medical Daily | Mormon Life

From home cooking to staying away from harmful substances, Mormons practice quite a few healthy habits that...


Trump Answers Whether Romney Is Still in Running for Secretary of State on "TODAY"

by TODAY | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

After recently being selected as TIME's  Person of the Year for 2016, President-elect Trump shared tha...


Mormon Tabernacle Near Pearl Harbor Became a Refuge for GIs After the Attack

by Salt Lake Tribune | Mormon Life

As we honor the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, we remember those who passed away as well a...


Vocal Point Pulls Epic Polar Express Flash Mob Prank

by Danielle B. Wagner | Videos Fun Mormon Life

With the help of LDS YouTube prankster Stuart Edge, Vocal Point put on an extraordinary surprise performanc...