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"Studio C" to Answer LDS Youth's Questions in Next Face to Face

by Newsroom | Famous Mormons Fun Mormon Life

There's so much more to Studio C than hilarious and fun comedy. And LDS Youth will be able to find out how ...


RM Jailed in Venezuela Sends Letter Detailing His Arrest & "Horrible Nightmare"

by Danielle B. Wagner | Mormon Life

Returned-missionary Joshua Holt and his new wife, Thamara, were recently arrested after returning from thei...


Quentin L. Cook: How You Keep the Sabbath Is Largely Up to You and Your Family

by Danielle B. Wagner | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Sabbath is not an endless list of dos and do nots. It's a sacred day that the Lord has given to us to b...


How I Lost 150 Pounds Studying & Living the Word of Wisdom

by Carol E. Wolf from the "Ensign" | Mormon Life

What an incredible story of how the scriptures transformed one woman's life and helped her obtain a healthi...


A Response to the Congressman Who Attacked LDS Church's Immigration Stance

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

With the presidential race in full swing, immigration reform has been a popular and controversial topic. Bu...


Teen Refugee Plans on Going to College Thanks to LDS Mentor

by KSL | Mormon Life

After coming to the United States as a refugee, Kombi Nzoumba converted to the LDS Church. Through the...


Elder Christofferson Shares the 1 Thing You Should Do When You Feel Your Prayers Aren't Being Answered

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Do you feel like your prayers are not being heard? Are you struggling to feel Heavenly Father's guidance af...


Hilarious Video: Returned Missionary Reacts to Han Solo's Death for First Time

by LDS Living | Videos Humor Fun Mormon Life

And you thought you were a devoted Star Wars fan! Hardcore Star Wars fan Christin Standish was on her missi...


5 LDS Olympians Who've Won Medals This Olympics

by Danielle B. Wagner | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Now that another Olympic Games has passed, here are five athletes who took home a medal. Sami Hill OLYMPIC....


Sapporo Japan Temple Dedicated, Fulfills Repeated Prophecy

by LDS Church News | Mormon Life

This beautiful building will not only bless the lives of those who enter its walls, it also is the fulfillm...