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"People" Mag: Blind LDS Attorney Adopts Blind Triplets—"Our Dad Saved Our Lives" (+Video)

by People | Mormon Life

Six years ago, an LDS attorney in D.C. adopted three 10-year-old triplets. What makes this story even more ...


Filipino Latter-day Saint Gives Presidential Candidate a Book of Mormon

by LDS Living Staff | Mormon Life

Legendary Filipina politician Miriam Defensor Santiago owns over a million books in her private library. A ...


Touching Video: LDS Women Throw Baby Shower for Refugee Family

by LDS Living | From the Church Videos Mormon Life

After the Church's new "I Was a Stranger" initiative, one Relief Society decided to reach out to refugees i...


Last Missionary in Brussels Bombing Returns Home

by LDS Living | Mormon Life

After nine grueling weeks of surgery and recovery following the Brussels terrorist attacks that injured fou...


Chewbacca Mask Lady Uses Viral Video Fame to Share Faith in God

by Deseret News | Humor Fun Mormon Life

What an example of being fearless and taking any opportunity to share your beliefs. Last Friday, Candace Pa...


4 Photos of Elder Holland with the Saints in Brazil That Will Make You Love Him Even More

by LDS Living | Mormon Life

With the Olympics approaching, Brazil is a country currently filled with excitement as well as economic and...


Video Every Mom Needs to See: You Can't Be Perfect for Your Kids, but You Can Be Their Perfect Mom

by Time Out for Women | Videos Makes You Think Mormon Life

"Regardless of who you are, your kids don't need any other kind of mom, because they need what you have. Go...


BYU Vocal Point "Pranks" Nursing Home Patrons with Hidden Cameras

by LDS Living | Videos Fun Mormon Life

BYUtv's recent reality show, "Random Acts," has been making people smile since the beginning of April. This...


The Harrowing Story of a Latter-Day Saint Refugee

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

After fleeing his country to keep from being tortured and killed by his government, Francisco Carranza scra...


How a Marriage Refusal Led a Nonmember to Becoming a General Authority

by LDS Church News | Mormon Life

“She received a mission call; I received a marriage call,” said Elder Joaquin Estevan Costa about the beaut...