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After the Suicide of a Loved One: 5 Tips for Families & Ward Members

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

During September, which was National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, the Church launched new resource s...


New App Lets You Use Mormon Emojis

by LDS Living Staff | Fun Mormon Life

Ever have a hard time choosing between a laughing smiley face or regular smiley face emoji? Well,...


5 Behind-the-Scenes Insights into What It's Like Being in the Tabernacle Choir at Conference

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Have you ever wondered what goes into preparing the music for conference? Well here are five insights that ...


4 Famous Mormons Whose Faces Have Been Turned into Epic Corn Mazes

by LDS Living | Famous Mormons Fun Mormon Life

Shortly after Elder Jeffrey R. Holland dedicated a beautiful sculpture garden depicting the life of Christ ...


Ballet Star in Top Company in the World Shares How His Mission Led to His Success as a Dancer

by Katharine Lyon | Mormon Life

Inspired by an article by  Mormon Newsroom , featuring Jake Mangakahia for World Ballet Day on October...


How the Prophet's Counsel Saved Saints During Sierra Leone's Civil War

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

Elder Gary E. Stevenson recently returned from a trip to Sierra Leone, where he met members who have surviv...


"People" Features LDS Husband for Speaking Out About Postpartum After His Wife Ran in Front of Semi Truck

by People | Mormon Life

This LDS father and husband found the best way he could grieve and remember his wife was by trying to ensur...


Utah Lawmakers Share How Mormon Faith Influences Politics in the State

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

How much does the LDS Church really influence politics and politicians in Utah?  Several Mormons who s...


Podcast: Brad Wilcox Explains What Mormons Believe About Grace

by LDS Perspectives | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Looking for something inspiring to listen to during your commute? In this fascinating podcast by LDS Perspe...


102-Year-Old Time Capsule Yields LDS Encyclopedia & Other Treasures from Church History

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

A 102-year-old time capsule from Utah's State Capitol was cut open recently, revealing many interesting tre...