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What Ever Happened to the Box the Gold Plates Were In?

by LDS Living | Makes You Think Mormon Life

While we know that the golden plates were taken by the angel Moroni, whatever happened to the box that Jose...


12 Funny Memes to Inspire You to Get to Church on Time

by My Best LDS | Humor Fun Mormon Life

Tomorrow's daylight savings! I know it can be difficult if not downright painful waking up that extra hour ...


The Seemingly Ordinary Prompting I Got That Ended Up Saving a Life

by Meridian Magazine | Mormon Life

It was a spiritual prompting much like those we can receive on a daily basis, those small urges that pop in...


Elder Ballard: What My Grandson's Death Taught Me About Christ's Love

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following was a blog written by Elder M. Russell Ballard for In January 2004 our family suffer...


How Her Daughter's Death Brought One Woman Back to the Church, How Her Husband's Death Inspired Her to Serve a Mission

by She Traveled | Mormon Life

Read one Latter-day Saint's incredible conversion story, as well as her reconversion to the truths that hav...


Primary General Presidency Shares How and What We Should Be Teaching Our Children

by Deseret News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

" As our children learn to understand gospel doctrines, they become more self-reliant and more responsible....


Please Remember This When Your Trials or Promptings Just Aren't Making Sense

by LDS Smile | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Have you ever wondered why it might have been harder for Noah to build a boat than for Nephi? I love this p...


Steven Sharp Nelson's Unexpected But Incredible Missionary Experiences with "The Piano Guys"

by The Daily Universe | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Steven Sharp Nelson gives someone a Book of Mormon on nearly every tour he goes on. Because of this, he's g...


Studio C: Batman Vs. Superman on Citizen's Court

by LDS Living | Videos Humor Fun

Well this is a side of superheroes you don't see every day. I wonder what Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent would ...


For Those Who Dread Paying Tithing & Those Who've Never Had a Tithing Miracle

by Greg Trimble | Makes You Think Mormon Life

We love those stories of members who pay their tithing and receive miraculous financial help. But what abou...