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ArtsHub Features Dancer Who Put His Career with Australian Ballet on Hold to Serve a Mission

by ArtsHub | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

After dancing for seven to eight hours a day and securing a spot with the prestigious Australian Ballet, La...


Elder Holland Shares Amazing Throwback Thursday Post

by LDS Living | Fun Mormon Life

Elder Holland took advantage of the popular hashtag #throwbackthursday to reminisce about his life as a you...


Why We Need to Stop Dad Bashing

by Our Blessed Life Together | Makes You Think Mormon Life

You see it all the time on TV shows or commercials: the wife is a hard working, driven women who has things...


The Stylish Bible You Can Wear That's No Bigger Than Your Fingernail

by Religion News Service | Fun Mormon Life

Each word is about 170 times thinner that a strand of your own hair, so it might not be easy to read, but y...


Gamer Creates Detailed "Minecraft" Version of Salt Lake Temple, Take the Tour

by LDS Living | Fun Mormon Life

Mormon "Minecraft": yes, it's a thing. And it's actually quite fascinating. A Latter-day Saint by the name ...


What This Harry Potter Oversight Reveals About the Plan of Salvation

by Mormon Buzzz | Mormon Life

What would you do if one day you discovered you were a wizard with an incredible potential, with a magic an...


Mormon Whose Faith Crisis Went Viral Shares 9 More Lessons Learned from Losing and Regaining His Faith

by The Rich Millar | Makes You Think Mormon Life

About two years ago I felt impressed to share  my journey  of losing and regaining my faith in Go...


Mitt Romney Announces Major Speech Regarding Presidential Election

by Jeff Hampton | Famous Mormons

He's not a presidential candidate in this election, but Mitt Romney may yet have a large role to play. Romn...


The Black Pioneer Who Became a Seventy (+ Other Black Heroes in Church History)

by LDS Church News | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Who are some of the black heroes from our Church's history? Here are just a few that helped shape the early...


Photos of the Dig at Nephi's Bountiful (+ Artifacts Found)

by Meridian Magazine | Mormon Life

Photos from the dig at what LDS archaeologists think is Nephi's Bountiful has uncovered several small treas...