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'Once I Was a Beehive' Is a Must-See, the Best Mormon Comedy To Date

by Mormon Iconoclast | Mormon Life

MR says: Want to see 'Once I Was a Beehive' in a theater near you? Then request it here . This is a movie y...


8 Tips for Remembering the Sacrament All Through the Week

by Mormon Hub | Mormon Life

MR says: With the Church's focus on the Sacrament this year, this is a great reminder to keep Christ a...


Video: Alex Boye Shares How Faith Took Him from Eating Out of Trash Cans to Spiritual Riches

by YouTube | Famous Mormons

Famous LDS singer Alex Boye shares how his faith and dreams from the Lord helped bring him out of homelessn...


Hollywood Actress Mayim Bialik Talks the Importance of Modesty & Faith

by LDS Living | Mormon Life

Remember when Noelle Pikus-Pace stood for her standards at a photo shoot? Bialik commended her and even pos...


Famous Mormons When They Were Kids

by LDS Smile | Famous Mormons

MR says: Have you ever wondered what Donny Osmond, Lindsey Stirling, Mitt Romney, and David Archuletta...


Two 'Art Detectives' Solve an LDS Church History Art Mystery

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: Key Church artwork painted by a famous 19th-century painter, who even did portraits for presi...


Church Dedicates the First Temple in Indiana, See Exciting Video & Photos

by LDS Living | Mormon Life

On August 23, President Henry B. Eyring dedicated the first temple in the Hoosier state--the Indianapolis I...


Knowing Love Works Is the Key to Overcoming Fear, Trauma

by The Daily Universe | Mormon Life

MR says: We must learn to fill our hearts with grace and compassion to overcome the grief and pain in ...


S. Michael Wilcox: Forgiving Family is Often the Hardest

by The Daily Universe | Mormon Life

The Lord has commanded his children to repent of sin and to forgive one another, but for many that is ...


Did You Know You Can Use Google Earth to Enhance Your Scripture Study?

by The Daily Universe | Mormon Life

Scripture study combined with Google Earth can provide a deeper understanding and appreciation for the teac...