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Mormon Rapper's Album Tops Charts on iTunes

by KSL | Famous Mormons

OREM — Coming in ahead of mega hip-hop stars Drake, J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar on the iTunes top hip-hop/ra...


How to Teach Our Children About Refugees

by | Makes You Think

For Deb Coffey, a member of the Highland Ward, Sandy Utah Granite South Stake, it has been “sweet and tende...


The Miracle We Overlook in the Story of the Loaves and Fishes

by Mormon Buzzz | Makes You Think

It was 4:50 in the morning, and I had approximately three minutes to eat something before leaving for my ve...


Working with Refugees: One Missionary Couple's Inspiring Story

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think

A few days before my husband and I were scheduled to meet with our Salt Lake City Bishop to council about s...


Why Is a Seer Greater Than a Prophet?

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In  Mosiah 8 , the Nephite missionary Ammon included a discourse on the nature of prophethood, seershi...


How These Mormon Women Became Some of the World's Best Cybersecurity Hackers

by Fortune | Fun Mormon Life

Sarah Cunha and Laura Wilkinson, two seniors at Brigham Young University, didn’t make it to graduation this...


Did Anyone Besides the 11 Witnesses See the Gold Plates?

by FAIR Blog | Mormon Life

As Joseph Smith was dictating the translation of the Book of Mormon to Oliver Cowdery, they learned that th...


7 Truths to Teach Your Children About the Temple

by Aggieland Mormons | Makes You Think

Earlier this month, my wife and I took our oldest child to the temple for the first time. She had just turn...


Former NBA Star Shawn Bradley Was Once Fined for Choosing the Right

by LDS Smile | Famous Mormons

[Photo from LDS Smile] When Shawn Bradley played in the NBA, he was constantly faced with decisions that ch...


Did You Know: Joseph Smith Gave Four Different First Vision Accounts?

by | Makes You Think

In spring 1820, 14-year-old Joseph Smith prayed in faith and was answered by God and Jesus Christ in person...