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Boy Scouts Poised to End Ban on Gay Leaders Today

by The New York Times | Mormon Life

UPDATE: The Church has released an official statement following the BSA's decision to allow gay leaders to ...


What Kind of Clothes Did Nephi, Alma, & Moroni Really Wear?

by BYU News | Mormon Life

MR says: Ever wondered how Nephi, Moroni, and other people of the Book of Mormon dressed? This BYU pro...


Tabernacle Choir Announces First Overseas Tour in 18 Years

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: A 360-member choir traveling for three weeks in eight cities abroad. Sounds like a pretty exc...


Dad and Daughter Celebrate Birthdays with 39 Acts of Kindness (Video)

by YouTube | Videos

A dad and daughter, Lee and Amelie Beck, celebrated their birthdays this year in a unique way--by performin...


Our Family's Journey to the "Mormon Disneyland"

by Hubbard's Cupboard | Fun Mormon Life

My husband had to go to San Diego, California recently for a conference trip. He never likes leaving the fa...


13 Concerts to See Near Temple Square this Summer

by Meridian Magazine | Fun Mormon Life

MR says: Looking for fun, free, uplifting ways to spend your summer evenings? You won't want to miss s...


I Never Knew a Bikini Could Hide So Much

by The Chastity Project | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Do you know what’s funny about dressing modestly? It is the hardest thing to start, yet then becomes imposs...


Why Do We Have Both Scouting & Duty to God?

by Boy Scout 411

MR says: Between Boy Scouts, Duty to God, and Priesthood Quorums, young men have a lot on their plate....


3 Things We Gain from Serving & Sacrificing in the Church

by Aggieland Mormons | Mormon Life

MR says: The next time your alarm goes off for early morning Church meetings, remember the sacrifice i...


Video: What Mormon Boys Think About Girls

by YouTube | Videos Mormon Life

MR says: Watch these LDS boys share what they really think and notice about the opposite sex. ...