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Epic Flash Mob Caroling with a Full Orchestra & Choir

by LDS Living | Videos Fun Mormon Life

The Five Strings, a musical group made of five siblings 16 and younger, are adding their voices--or instrum...


A Capella "We Three Kings" Cover Adds Fun Upbeat Twist

by LDS Living | Videos Fun Mormon Life

Check out this thrilling rendition of "We Three Kings" that features only voices, but like you've never hea...


What Do We Really Know About the Man Who Raised Jesus?

by | Makes You Think Mormon Life

In the case of Joseph, the husband of Mary, we have very few words that tell us about his life, though what...


Watch the Star Wars Theme Get Played on 5 Pianos at Once

by LDS Living | Videos Fun Mormon Life

Ready to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars? Then check out this epic arrangement of the Star Wars ...


Mormons Meet in Mosques & Churches to Help Syrian Refugees with 140,000 Lbs. of Supplies

by Newsroom | Mormon Life

Members in six congregations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in northern Virginia partic...


Pentatonix Sings Amazing, Fast-Paced Cover of "Joy to the World"

by YouTube | Videos

This adds a fun, fast twist to a classic Christmas song. Check out Pentatonix's amazing vocals in this a ca...


Ohio Governor Tours, Praises Church's Welfare Program: "I Wish All America Knew About This"

by Salt Lake Tribune | Mormon Life

"It's the power of faith that drives this entire population and it's the power of faith that has all that g...


What if Your Family Isn't Christmas-Card-Picture Perfect?

by Meridian Magazine | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Did your family not all wear matching sweaters for your Christmas card this year? Well, here is a little in...


Don't Miss This Powerful Original Christmas Song "So Shine"

by LDS Living | Videos Mormon Life

Everyman Music recently shared this breathtakingly powerful original song that helps remind us of the Light...


5 Unusual & Incredible Photos of the "Tree of Life"

by LDS Living | Fun Mormon Life

Nestled in the heart of Draper City Park in Utah, a lone willow tree lights up the crisp Christmas air with...