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Watch an LDS Country Singer Share a Touching Testimony Through Song & Service

by Mormon Channel | Videos

There's nothing quite as exciting as bearing your testimony through country music! What a moving example of...


LDS Businessman Receives Prestigious Award for His Charitable Giving

by LDS Living | Famous Mormons

Every two years, the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy is awarded to people who have dedicated "their private ...


10 Ways to Be Completely Miserable in Your Ward

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LDS Woman Will Be First Female West Point Cadet to Serve a Mission

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: What an exciting and historic first for this West Point cadet and future missionary. We wish ...


LDS 10-Year-Old Survives Alone in Mountains Overnight, Calls Ordeal 'Awesome'

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: This goes to show what can come from learning those survival skills at an early age. Instead ...


LDS Teen 'Allergic to Food' Finds Very Unexpected Way to Cope

by KSL | Mormon Life

MR says: Despite not being able to eat, Alex Visker is inspiring and helping others even while he has found...


Vandals Damage Temple Construction Site

by LDS Living | Mormon Life

Early Sunday morning, August 23, vandals defaced the construction site of the Fort Collins Colorado Temple,...


How to Eliminate Fear from Your Dating Life

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'Once I Was a Beehive' Is a Must-See, the Best Mormon Comedy To Date

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8 Tips for Remembering the Sacrament All Through the Week

by Mormon Hub | Mormon Life

MR says: With the Church's focus on the Sacrament this year, this is a great reminder to keep Christ a...