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10 Gorgeous First-Look Photos Inside the Newly Renovated Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple

by LDS Living Staff | Fun Mormon Life

Here are 10 gorgeous first-look photos inside the newly renovated Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple before the ...


Church Announces Public Open House Dates for Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple

by Newsroom | Mormon Life

The public is invited to visit the newly renovated Oklahoma City Oklahoma Temple of The Church of Jesus Chr...


FAQs About Upcoming Changes to Temple Square and How the Changes Will Impact Visitors

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

As part of Friday's Salt Lake Temple renovation announcement, President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of ...


Church Releases Virtual Video Showing What the Salt Lake Temple Will Look Like

by LDS Living Staff | From the Church Videos Mormon Life

After President Russell M. Nelson announced that the Salt Lake Temple  will close for four years as it...


Listen: The Miracles That Helped a Family Find Each Other After Being Separated During the Paradise Fire

by Katie Lambert | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The sky was pitch black. Not black like night, because it was definitely well past sunrise. Not black like ...


Latter-day Saint Perspective: What I Learned Parenting Jewish Kids for a Week

by Sarah Steele | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When you have a friendship like the one that my friend Bethany and I do, it’s something you treasure. It’s ...


Watch: Beautiful "I Stand All Amazed" Reflects on Our Savior's Sacrifice

by LDS Living | Videos Mormon Life

Book of Mormon Central released the following video—"I Stand All Amazed" by Tyler Perry—to celebrate our Sa...


Hank Smith: Why Easter Is and Should Be the Most Important Holiday

by Hank R. Smith, excerpted from "His Majesty and Mission" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Each spring, the Lord teaches us that life and warmth follow the fall and the winter. The “fortunate fall” ...

The Miracle That Led One Missionary to Reuniting with His Long-Lost Sister + More

by Gerald N. Lund, excerpted from "Hearing the Voice of the Lord" | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The following modern stories from the lives of real people show how intimately the Lord knows us and watche...


10 Fascinating Facts You Didn’t Know About the Salt Lake Temple

by Lindsey Miller | Fun Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Salt Lake Temple is an iconic building for members of the Church. The history behind the temple and the...