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11 Quotes from Ghandi on Religion

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

MR says: There are many sources of goodness and light in this world, including the lives of remarkable...


New Survey Reveals that Religious or Not, Most Americans See a Creator’s Hand

by Deseret News | Mormon Life

You don’t have to believe in God or identify with any religion to see a creator’s hand in human life and mo...


Belief Is a Choice, One We Have to Make Every Day

by Millennial Mormons | Mormon Life

MR says: Where do you stand? Would you rather choose to believe or choose to doubt? Let’s begin by pre...


Church Announces Presiding Bishop from Europe

by LDS Living | From the Church Mormon Life

On Friday, October 9, the Church announced that  Gérald Caussé  was called as the new presiding b...


LDS Brothers Attend Church While Competing on National TV, Despite It Hurting Their Chances

by Deseret News | Fun Mormon Life

Season 6 of Food Network's reality competition program "The Great Food Truck Race" came to an end Sept. 27,...


LDS Mothers of LGBT+ Called ‘Mama Dragons’ Share Stories of Love

by The Daily Universe

Kimberly Anderson presented her yearlong work, “The Mama Dragon Story Project,” at Writ & Vision, a boo...


Watch the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Sing the University of Utah Fight Song

by Deseret News | Videos

A video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performing the University of Utah's fight song, "Utah Man," was post...


Woman Memorialized in 90-Year-Old Statue on Temple Square Reflects on the Story Behind It

by KSL | Mormon Life

MR says: Just two years old at the time, Marie James was immortalized on Temple Square when she was sc...


Remarkable Family History Moment: The Spirit Told Me, “Go Back”


MR says: How a small spiritual prompting led a young Latter-day Saint to find a long-forgotten, hidden...


Steve Young Quotes Joseph Smith on ESPN

by Jeff Hampton | Famous Mormons

Viewers of Wednesday's "Pardon the Interruption," a popular sports debate show on ESPN, are used to hearing...