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Why You Should Follow God’s Example and Say ‘No’ to Your Kids

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As you read this — no matter where you live — this scene is available in a store near you. A child looks up...


The 21 Most Significant and Innovative LDS Temples

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7 Unbreakable Rules of Church Meetings

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14 Photos of Current Temple Construction Compared Side-by-side with the Final Product

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Job Hunting? Try

by LDS Media Talk | From the Church News from Utah

Looking for a job can be frustrating and challenging, especially if you have been out of the job market for...


Intense Ward Teacher 'Study Guide' from 63 Years Ago Will Make You Reevaluate Home Teaching

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It’s 1952, and you’ve been called to be a ward teacher – what we now call a home teacher. Here’s your shiny...


The Prayer I Didn't Say that the Lord Wanted to Hear

by I Go By Ari | Makes You Think

So last night, as I was kneeling to say my prayer before bed and reflecting on these things, I suddenly fel...


The Atonement Is Wasted on Me When I Do This

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A simple concept, but difficult to absorb, and even more difficult to embrace: If I refuse to forgive anoth...


15 Signs You Might Be a Texas Mormon

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If you’ve ever been to Texas, then you know that it’s a world all of its own. And if you are, or know a Mor...


8 Questions Mormons Might Have About NBC's New Bible Series (+the Answers)

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This Easter, NBC is making a bold move: they're premiering a brand-new TV mini-series based on the Bible— i...