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When Everyone Else Has 'Big' Spiritual Experiences and You Don’t

by Whatsoever Is Good | Makes You Think

I remember hearing everyone talking about “a burning in your bosom”, being miraculously healed, or getting ...


Historic Youth Conference Held in Zimbabwe

by Newsroom | News from Utah

It was all joy and excitement as young adults from Bulawayo and Gweru Stakes gathered for the first-ever "F...


New LDS Movie 'Finding Hope' Chronicles Moving Love Story

by YouTube | News from Utah Mormon Life


LDS Woman Shares Her Battle with Pornography in New Mormon Message

by Mormon Channel | Videos Makes You Think


4 Meaningful Ways to Think About the Sacrament Differently

by Mormon Hub | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Each week we take within ourselves, both literally and symbolically, Him who is the Bread of Life and the L...


What a Prophet Hopes You Will Teach Your Children About the Temple

by | Makes You Think

I love Cache Valley, and I love the Saints in the area. And I am most grateful to be here on this anniversa...


2 Genius Parenting Tips to Stop Being the 'Bossy Mom'

by Deseret News | Makes You Think

“Dad is the one who plays with us, and Mom is the one who bosses us.” Yeah. Those words came out of my 4-ye...


3 Questions Married People Need to Stop Asking LDS Singles

by Millennial Mormons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

I discovered that we all dread a similar situation.  When we find ourselves at the teenager’s table in...


Church Announces Support of New LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

by LDS Living | From the Church News from Utah

A new bill proposed in Utah today has been touted as a model for the rest of the country in compromising be...


9 Lessons from D. Todd Christofferson's Life Before He Was an Apostle

by Mormon Hub | Mormon Life

D. Todd Christofferson serves as an apostle in the Quorum of the Twelve for the Church of Jesus Christ of L...