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Church Answers: Why Does the Church Support LGBT Rights but Oppose Same-Sex Marriage?

by Newsroom | From the Church Makes You Think

A few weeks ago, the state of Utah passed two bills that simultaneously protect religious freedom and ban d...


Little-Known Ancient Record 'Narrative of Zosimus' Echoes Book of Mormon

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Professor James Charlesworth, of Princeton Theological Seminary, spoke in Provo and Logan last week. A majo...


LDS Church 'Bucking Trends' with Bangkok Temple, Says Washington Times

by Washington Times | News from Utah

Nearly 50 years after Mormons first put down roots here, opening small outpost churches converting Buddhist...


7 Ways to Support the Missionaries Serving in Your Ward

by Utah Valley 360 | Mormon Life

Many families in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints — especially in Utah — are experts in miss...


Mormon Man Records Beautiful Love Letter to Wife in 5 Different Countries

by Seth Adam Smith Blog | Videos


How My Personal Experience with an Apostle Changed the Way I See the Brethren

by Greg Trimble | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Joseph Smith once said, “…You don’t know me; you never knew my heart,” and I wonder if deep down, many of t...


Behind the Scenes of an LDS Ward for the Deaf

by Salt Lake Tribune | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The sheer beauty of Sunday worship at the Salt Lake Valley LDS First Ward reflects an elemental fact: Churc...


Payson Utah Temple Open House Reservations Now Available

by LDS Living | From the Church News from Utah

Photo from LDS Church Temples Starting April 13th, members of the public can start reserving tickets for th...


What Should You Do When Church Is Boring?

by Whatsoever Is Good | Mormon Life

“Why are you still here?” It’s a thought that I have more than once during the third hour of Church. Sacram...


Why I Wish People Would Stop Saying 'I Prayed About it, and You're Not the One'

by LDS Smile | Makes You Think

“I don’t think we should date anymore, because I prayed about it and you’re just not right for me” This is ...