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Hundreds of New Documents Added to Joseph Smith Papers Website

by LDS Media Talk | News from Utah

The Joseph Smith Papers website ( ) has added over 200 documents. - Almost 200 docume...

6 Serve Missions After LDS Friend Invites Them to Church

by Newsroom Blog | News from Utah


Watch LIVE: Elder Bednar to Add to Previous Talk About Social Media in Worldwide Broadcast

by LDS Living | From the Church

On Tuesday, August 19th at 11:10 a.m. Elder Bednar will be adding onto his 2009 CES fireside talk entitled ...


Director of Humanitarian Services Says "This Is a Woman’s Church," Gets Standing Ovation

by Newsroom | News from Utah

Sharon Eubank, the director of Humanitarian Services and LDS Charities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Lat...


Family's Conversion Started with Community Involvement

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Wisconsin natives Phyllis and Rollie Bestor knew almost nothing about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-...


10 Must-Read Talks from President Uchtdorf

by Aggieland Mormons | Mormon Life

President Dieter F. Uchtdorf was called as second counselor in the First Presidency of The Church of Jesus ...


10 Great Wedding Gifts from the Distribution Center

by Utah Valley 360 | Fun

The wedding season is a busy time, especially in communities where many members of The Church of Jesus Chri...


Hidden Talents and Surprising Hobbies of Modern-Day Prophets

by Utah Valley 360 | Fun

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints sometimes feel as if they know everything about ...


10 Questions to Ask Yourself If Your Testimony is Faltering

by Mormon Basics | Mormon Life

This is the second part of a two-part article. To read the first part of the article, click here: The Troub...


Helping Your Spouse Reach Their Potential

by Deseret News | Makes You Think

Just for fun, Google this question: “Can I change my spouse?" Brace yourself. There are more than 5,000,000...