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Mormon Single Mom of Four Shares 'Recipe for a Happy Family'

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FamilySearch Gives LDS Members Free Accounts on

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Image from FamilySearch FamilySearch, the family history brand of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day ...


What My Experience at the UN Taught Me About 'Spiritual Feminism'

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From a young age I felt in my bones I was part of a vast ocean of women who had something unique and valuab...


5 LDS Missions that Break the Mold

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Every mission is unique, but as the Church expands, some missionaries are called to serve in ways that woul...


CEO of $200 Million Company Leaves Business to Serve Mission

by Deseret News | News from Utah

Two weeks ago, Stampin’ Up! CEO and co-founder Shelli Gardner stood in the center of a well-lit stage in Or...


13 Hilarious Memes that Sum Up Motherhood

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It is funny how much these apply to my life as a mother and I’m sure you feel the same about some if not al...


10 Financial Tips to Help You Follow Prophetic Counsel & Get Out of Debt

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Huff Post Sheds Positive Light on LGBT & Mormon Relationship

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I (Tracy) was flying from North Carolina into Utah to co-host "Living Room Conversations" between gay peopl...


Church Gives British Prime Minister Invaluable Gift

by Newsroom | From the Church News from Utah

United Kingdom Prime Minister Rt Hon David Cameron received over six generations of his family history, tog...


6 Things You Should Know About Elder Bednar Before He Was an Apostle

by Mormon Hub | Fun

David A. Bednar serves as an apostle in the Quorum of the Twelve for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-d...