Disney&trade is always creating events to celebrate...it's a great way to market your company. With over 500,000 email subscribers and over 200,000 people reading the printed magazine, LDS Living can be a very effective way to announce your event. Events, news stories, press releases, and product reviews give your company a chance to say more about your offer. Because LDS Living is so popular online, your archived event announcement will be searchable and ranked on major search engines for years to come...thus building online name recognition.

  • Send out the event announcements or news directly to 500,000+ email boxes
  • Keep your event & news story available online for search engine ranking
  • Events are a great way to drive traffic - Make one up if needed (Dinsey&trade is always celebrating something)

Package Insert Program

Customers are more likely to buy again when they open a package of items they have already ordered. Getting your information into those packages is an important way to market your product or service.

Event Advertising

Many companies create events to bring in more traffic or sales. Let us help you promote your event with great results.

News & Press Release

With LDS Living's reach to over 500,000 families your News & Press Release message can be more powerful than ever.

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