If you signed up for the LDS Living email but are not receiving it, please try the following:

1. Check your spam/junk folder.

Some email clients may also have a "Promotions" tab, where your LDS Living email might be appearing. 

2. Make sure LDS Living is whitelisted in your email client. 

Doing this will tell your email client that you want to be receiving LDS Living emails and to not mark them as spam or junk. WhatCounts has a helpful guide for whitelisting emails in Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, Comcast, and a variety of other clients if you need help.

3. Try re-subscribing. 

Enter your email address again on our email subscription page. Give it another day or two to see if your email starts appearing again. 

4. Try a different email address

Sometimes the problem is a specific email address. Try subscribing with a different account. This will frequently solve the problem, and you can then still easily forward just your LDS Living emails to the account that isn't working.

5. Contact LDS Living at customerservice@ldsliving.com

Please let us know when you stopped receiving the email, the email address you're using, and what you've already done to try and fix it.