January/February 2012 Issue

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Feature Stories: 

"The Delights and Dangers of the Media" (Pg. 38)

By Briana Stewart

The Delights and Dangers of the Media

Oh, the media. We love you. We loathe you. We can't imagine our thumbs without you. But whether our media T-shirt dons "I heart" or "I abhor," the responsibility lies squarely with the "I.".

"His Best Shot" (Pg. 48)

By Jamie Lawson

His Best Shot

Jimmer Fredette has dedicated his life to becoming the best athlete—and the best person—he can be. And as he begins his NBA career, his determination to excel professionally and personally is stronger than ever.

Other Stories:

"Losing a Spouse" (Pg. 29)

By Ashley Evanson

Losing a Spouse

Nothing compares to the pain that comes from the death of a spouse. Here is some advice on how to cope with your new life or how to treat someone who has recently lost a spouse, from widows and widowers who have been there.

"Vocal Point: Hitting a High Note" (Pg. 33) 

By Kaela Worthen

Vocal Point: Hitting a High Note

The members of Vocal Point sang their way to fame on their mission to spread joy through musical performance.

"Top Teen Gospel Questions (And Their Answers)" (Pg. 61)

By Anthony Sweat and John Hilton III

Top Teen Gospel Questions (And Their Answers)

Teenagers constantly raise questions about the gospel. Here are some helpful answers to address some of the "whys."

Everyday Saints

"Bundit Ungrangsee" (Pg. 76)

By SarahJo Ciotti

Bundit Ungrangsee

Bundit Ungrangsee is the first member of his family to convert to Mormonism and the first Thai to perform at the prestigious Carnegie Hall.

Home Cooking

"Hot Soups for Cold Days" (Pg. 85)  

By LDS Living Readers

Hot Soups for Cold Days

There's nothing quite like a hot bowl of soup on a cold, wintery day. Here are some of our favorite recipes from LDS Living readers, including the winner of our recent soup contest.

Just Asking

Elaine Dalton (Pg. 91) 

Just Asking: Elaine Dalton

The general Young Women president talks challenges, triumphs, motherhood, and the gospel.