January/February 2016 Issue

January/February 2016

Feature Stories: 

"Love Is a Choice" (Pg. 30)

By Elder Lynn G. Robbins, adapted from his new book, Love Is a Choice

Love Is a Choice

Too often we hear couples say they “fell out of love.” But is love really something you fall in and out of, as if it were all left to gravity and luck? Find out what love really means and how you can keep it in your marriage forever.

"Losing Weight, Gaining Faith" (Pg. 40)

By Jamie Armstrong

Losing Weight, Gaining Faith

When former NFL star Scott Mitchell became a contestant on NBC’s weight-loss competition, The Biggest Loser, he didn’t realize he was playing perhaps the most important game of his life. While losing more than 120 pounds on reality TV transformed him physically, the experience also transformed him spiritually in ways he couldn’t have imagined.

Other Stories:

"Is There a Mormon Burnout Epidemic?" (Pg. 18)

By Dr. Julie de Azevedo Hanks

Is There a Mormon Burnout Epidemic

As Latter-day Saints, we push ourselves to improve—sometimes a little too hard. Learn more about the LDS burnout epidemic and what you can do to stop it.

"Unstuck: How the Savior Frees Us from Our Favorite Sins" (Pg. 23) 

By Robert Reynolds, adapted from Unstuck

Unstuck: How the Savior Frees Us from our Favorite Sins

We each have our own “favorite sins” that, for some reason, we can’t seem to shake. So when we lose hope and feel like change is impossible, how do we conquer the weaknesses that hold us back?

"On Top of the World" (Pg. 52)
By Jake Healey

On Top of the World

For Mark Dangerfield, running is about much more than health. In fact, his commitment to the gospel and a new, more fulfilling life has helped him accomplish his ultimate goal: running marathons in all 50 states in the U.S. and on all seven continents. (Yes, even Antarctica.)

The Church Around the World

"The Church in Iceland" (Pg. 59)

By Fred E. Woods and Jake Healey 

The Church in Iceland

Nestled in a remote country covered in everything from volcanoes to glaciers, Latter-day Saints in Iceland are as tenacious as the climate they live in. Though the gospel had a difficult time taking root in the tiny country, the faith, humility, and zeal for missionary work now displayed by these Saints is unmatched.

Home Cooking

"6 Savory Soups Your Family Will Love" (Pg. 69) 

Compiled by LDS Living Staff

6 Savory Soups Your Family Will Love

There’s nothing more comforting in the chill of January than a bowl of hot, delicious soup! Warm your family with these savory soup recipes that come from Our Best Bites, The Roof, and the Lion House.

Just Asking

Jasen Wade (Pg. 75) 

Just Asking: Jasen Wade

LDS actor Jasen Wade likes to joke that he has made his own trilogy of “miracle” movies in the last few years, starring in 17 Miracles, The Cokeville Miracle, and most recently, The Miracle Maker. We had a chance to sit down with Jasen and find out exactly what he loves about filming and fatherhood, and he even shared a few miracles from his own life.

Pictures from Getty Images, Jed Wells, Shutterstock, Mark Dangerfield, Fred E. Woods, The Roof, Jasen Wade