January/February 2018 Issue

Jan/Feb 2018

Feature Stories: 

"When He Left the Church" (Pg. 26) 

By Anonymous

Once upon a time, I married my prince in a beautiful castle in Bountiful, Utah. It was perfect. We were perfect together. Or so I thought. Life, however, had other plans for us than a horseback ride into the sunset. Seven years into our relationship, my wonderful husband told me he was leaving the Church.

"Losing a Son, Finding a Family" (Pg. 40)

By Jannalee Sandau

What would you do if your family situation was abusive? As an 11-year-old in Vietnam, Don Skanchy made the decision to run.

Other Stories:

"Knowing Joseph Smith" (Pg. 18)

By Glenn Rawson

Who was Joseph Smith? To the world, he was an engima, but among his people he was a man made great by the Almighty. Through the accounts of those who knew Joseph as a chosen seer, we come to better understand him as a man and as a prophet of God. 

"Navigating the Unexpected: Helping Early Returned Missionaries Adjust to Post-Mission Life" (Pg. 53) 

By Kristine J. Doty-Yells, Ph.D., LCSW

The reasons missionaries return early are varied and often have more questions than answers. As a therapist, a researcher, and a parent of two early returned missionaries, here are some ways I’ve learned that early returned missionaries can empower themselves to adjust to their new circumstances and ways their families and ward members can support them and find their own peace.

"The Gospel at 30,000 Feet" (Pg. 59) 

By Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf, adapted from The Gospel at 30,000 Feet

Through the stories, lessons, and parables President Uchtdorf has shared over the years, he teaches Church members exactly what his messages have to do with flying an airplane—and what that has to do with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Home Cooking

"Perfect Pasta Recipes" (Pg. 69) 

Excerpted from Our Best Bites, Six Sisters' Stuff, Simplify 

Image title

If you're looking for something that will satisfy even the biggest appetite, pasta is the way to go! Branch out from the traditional spaghetti or mac 'n' cheese dishes with these easy, tasty pasta variations and toppings from some of our favorite LDS chefs.

Just Asking

The 5 Browns (Pg. 75) 

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"Families can be together forever" is a motto the 5 Browns take seriously. The five former Juilliard students have faced a lot together while relying on their Savior, and we recently talked with two of the siblings, Deondra and Melody, to find out more about their faith and talents. 

Pictures courtesy of Shutterstock, Tonya Hamill (Vietnam documents), Our Best Bites (pasta), and the 5 Browns.