July/August 2017 Issue

LDS Living July/August 2017

Feature Stories: 

"From Iranian Muslims to Mormon Refugees" (Pg. 26)

By Danielle B. Wagner

From Iranian Muslims to Mormon Refugees

Despite persecution and danger, one family's courage and desire to learn of the Savior drove them to three countries and across the world as they sought to build their faith and a new home.

"Mormons in Comic Books" (Pg. 40)

By Danielle B. Wagner

Mormons in Comic Books

From superheroes and villains to the inspiring creators behind them, here are a few ways LDS characters, artists, and writers have influenced the comic book industry.

Other Stories:

"Why We Don't Let God Love Us (and How We Can)" (Pg. 18)

By Wendy Ulrich, adapted from Let God Love You: Why We Don't; How We Can

Why We Don't Let God Love Us (and How We Can)

Some of what we learn from our mortal relationships encourages us to trust our Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. But some of what we learn can interfere with that trust, making it hard to comprehend Their love, let alone be filled with it.

"5 Things Faith Is Not" (Pg. 53) 

By Robert L. Millet, adapted from Whatever Happened to Faith?

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What happens when faith begins to wane in the hearts of men and women, when basic metaphysical beliefs begin to erode among earth's inhabitants? I suppose the answer would be that we would have a world like our world today. So what kind of a world do we live in, at least as pertaining to faith?

"A WWII Prisoner of War and the Book of Mormon" (Pg. 59) 

By Al R. Young

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While my father was held captive by the Japanese during World War II, he endured disease, starvation, humiliation, and beatings. But it was there that he also discovered the Book of Mormon and found the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Home Cooking

"Summer Luau Recipes (Pg. 69) 

By The Polynesian Cultural Center

Summer Luau Recipes

Summer is the time of outdoor cooking and neighborhood parties. Bring a taste of the tropical to this year's summer gatherings with these melt-in-your-mouth island favorites—straight from the kitchen of the Polynesian Cultural Center on the northern shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Just Asking

Hank Smith (Pg. 75) 

Just Asking: Hank Smith

Youth love LDS speaker and author Hank Smith—and no wonder with his charming humor and sincere testimony. We recently sat down with him to learn more about why he loves what he does.

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