March/April 2012 Issue

March/April 2012

Feature Stories: 

"The Crusade for Cleanliness: Fighting the Battle Against Pornography" (Pg. 38)

By Briana Stewart

The Crusade for Cleanliness: Fighting the Battle Against Pornography

Defend your family from pornography. Brush up on why we need to worry, who pornography is affecting, how to prevent it, how to get help, and why—amidst this daunting plague—there is still overwhelming hope.

"Sister Julie B. Beck: Continuing the Legacy" (Pg. 48)

By Jamie Lawson

Sister Julie B. Beck: Continuing the Legacy

As the 15th general Relief Society president, Sister Julie B. Beck serves in a calling that few others can fully comprehend. In a recent interview, she shares what it's like to work with Church leadership, what she wishes women in the Church better understood, and her inspiring testimony of faith.

Other Stories:

"Difficult Decisions: When You Can't Care for Your Parents" (Pg. 29)

By Margaret Snyder

Difficult Decisions: When You Can't Care for Your Parents

Where do you turn when you realize you are no longer capable or qualified to take care of an aging parent?

"Advice I'd Give My 21-Year-Old Self" (Pg. 33) 

By LDS Living Readers

Advice I'd Give My 21-Year-Old Self

We all know that when we're older, hindsight is 20/20. What things do you wish you had known when you were younger?

"Eating Disorders: Not Just About the Food" (Pg. 61)

By Kaela Worthen

Eating Disorders: Not Just About the Food

Eating disorders are serious illnesses about much more than counting calories—the effects on body, mind, and spirit run deeper and broader. But for those who suffer from it and those who love them, there is a bright light of hope in recovery.

Everyday Saints

"Cheryl McLane" (Pg. 76)

By Alexa Justesen

What do battling breast cancer and shooting blanks from the back of a horse have in common? For Cheryl McLane, everything. A five-time breast cancer survivor, McLane finds strength in her faith and in doing what she loves most: being a cowgirl.

Home Cooking

"Favorite Casseroles" (Pg. 85)  

By LDS Living Readers

Favorite Casseroles

Mormons love casseroles! Not only are they an inexpensive and easy way to feed your own families, they also come in handy when you need to bring a meal to the sister in the ward who just had a baby. At LDS Living, we recently held a casserole recipe contest. Here are the winners, plus more of our favorites.

Just Asking

Jon Heder (Pg. 91) 

Just Asking: Jon Heder

Most people know him as Napoleon Dynamite, but there's more to Jon Heder than dancing to "Canned Heat."