March/April 2015 Issue

March/April 2015

Feature Stories: 

"Hope Among Shadows: One Man’s Mission to Rescue Children from Modern-Day Slavery" (Pg. 30)

By Jamie Armstrong

Hope Among Shadows: One Man's Mission to Rescue Children from Modern-Day Slavery

Infiltrating the dark and dangerous world of human trafficking, Church member Timothy Ballard has become a beacon for change and a hero to hundreds of children from around the world who have been rescued due to his courageous actions and unwavering faith.

"The Shipwreck and Rescue of the Julia Ann" (Pg. 42)

By Fred E. Woods

The Shipwreck and Rescue of the Julia Ann

Pioneers in wagons and handcarts were not the only Latter-day Saints who made the difficult journey to Zion. Australian Saints aboard the Julia Ann faced their own unique test of faith when they were shipwrecked—an experience of tragedy and testimony that the survivors would never forget nor regret.

Other Stories:

"8 Things the Atonement Is Not" (Pg. 19)

By Brad Wilcox

8 Things the Atonement Is Not

As much as we study Christ’s Atonement, we can never comprehend it entirely. But as we try to understand what it is—and is not—we can come to understand how it applies more fully in our everyday lives.

"Teens, Identity, and Intimacy" (Pg. 23) 

By Kyle N. Weir

Teens, Identity, and Intimacy

Raising teens to become adults with strong personal identities goes hand in hand with teaching them to have healthy views of physical intimacy. Here is how identity and intimacy are related and how you can help your teen understand how living the law of chastity leads to greater happiness.

"The Mormon Channel: Sharing God’s Love" (Pg. 52)
By Danielle Beckstrom

The Mormon Channel: Sharing God's Love

Commissioned by the First Presidency in 2009, the Mormon Channel—the Church’s official media channel—is crossing boundaries of faith and language to give inspiration, offer hope, and show that through the love of God, we can always find joy.

The Church Around the World

"The Church in Paraguay" (Pg. 59)

By Carly Springer

The Church in Paraguay

In the heart of South America lives a colorful community of faithful Latter-day Saints whose love for the Lord is an inspiration to all who meet them. Welcome to the Church in Paraguay.

Home Cooking

"Our Best 400-Calorie Bites" (Pg. 69) 

By Sara Wells and Kate Jones, excerpted from 400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites

Our Best 400-Calorie Bites

Many delicious recipes are notorious for being hefty in calories, but believe it or not, all these tantalizing recipes are less than 400 calories per serving! Get all of them and more in 400 Calories or Less with Our Best Bites, available at Deseret Book stores.

Just Asking

Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson (Pg. 75) 

Just Asking: Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson

We had a lovely chat with Sister Bonnie L. Oscarson, Young Women General President, and found out what she values in life, what her secret talents are, and what she wants the young women of the Church to know.

Pictures from Jed Wells, Operation Underground Railroad, Cedar Fort Publishing, Shutterstock, iStock, Carly Springer, Sister Bonnie Oscarson