May/June 2011 Issue

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Feature Stories: 

"Ready for Great Things" (Pg. 38)

By Laurel Christensen

Ready for Great Things

We all know how important it is to teach our young women about who they are. But what would you say if I told you that, for the most part, they already know? Those who have gained that crucial knowledge are strong, confident, and waiting for us to help them know what to do next. 

"Mormon Myths" (Pg. 50)

By Kate Ensign-Lewis

Mormon Myths

Modern-day encounters with the Three Nephites. The White Horse Prophecy. We all love a good story—even if we aren't 100 percent sure it's true. here is the truth behind some of the most beloved legends in LDS culture.

Other Stories:

"When Children Don't Come Easily" (Pg. 28)

By Kerstin Daynes

When Children Don't Come Easily

I have sat in Relief Society, looking around at the sisters, certain that they had no clue what it was like to feel grief caused by infertility. To others, my body looks fine, but inside, my soul is bruised, tender, and aching.

"Multiple Blessings" (Pg. 70) 

By Julie Christensen

Rachelle and Jayson Wilkinson could never have guessed their decision to have more children would bring so many blessings—all the blessings of having a child, multiplied by five.

Home Cooking

"Classic Lebanese" (Pg. 87)  

By Kamal Al-Faqih

Looking for a way to spice up your dinner entrees? Try these Mediterranean favorites, which have been perfected by Chef Kamal Al-Faqih during his two-decade career as the preeminent Mediterranean caterer in Washington, D.C. These dishes will certainly give your family a taste of the international.

Just Asking

Hilary Weeks (Pg. 91) 

Just Asking: Hilary Weeks

LDS Living gets a peek into the life of the mother of four girls, artist of eight albums, and author of two books.