h1 style="text-align: center;">May/June 2012 Issue

May/June 2012

Feature Stories: 

"Mormon Firsts" (Pg. 38)

By LDS Living Staff

Mormon Firsts

Mitt Romney is positioned to become the first Mormon to appear at the top of a major party ticket in a presidential election, but he's not actually the first Mormon to run for president. With such a historic event likely on the horizon, LDS Living decided to look back at some other great Mormon firsts.

"Our Story: Living with Same-Sex Attraction" (Pg. 48)

By Ty and Danielle Mansfield

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Same-sex attraction plays a big part in our lives because of Ty's openness about his personal struggles. And while there is no shortage of tragic endings to mixed-orientation marriages, we decided from the beginning that we would work together to build a celestial marriage and create our own success story.

Other Stories:

"The Father Factor: How Dads Influence Their Daughters" (Pg. 29)

By Jamie Lawson

The Father Factor: How Dads Influence Their Daughters

A father's relationship with his daughter can significantly impact her body image, academic success, and choice of romantic partners. Learn what she needs from Dad and how he can better connect with her at every stage of life.

"Can You Bully-Proof Your Child?" (Pg. 34) 

By Sunny Morton

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Bullying's bad news, and it's not going away. The good news is that you can build your child's resiliency to it.

"Inside Jokes" (Pg. 61)

By Briana Stewart

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Here's how LDS comedians are keeping it cool while keeping it clean.

The Church Around the World

"The Church in Papua New Guinea" (Pg. 71)

By Kaela Worthen

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In a country known as "the last frontier," the gospel is wending its way through the jungle and from island to island to become a great place of growth for the Church.

Home Cooking

"Slow-Cooker Recipes" (Pg. 85)  

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Excerpted from 365 Days of Slow-Cooking by Karen Bellessa Peterson

Action-packed summer days of fun sometimes mean coming home hungry and tired. you can make sure dinner is waiting for you with some of these great slow-cooker recipes.

Just Asking

Liz Lemon Swindle (Pg. 91) 

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The extraordinary artist talks about the inspiration behind her paintings, the message she most wants to share, and her humanitarian efforts.