May/June 2017 Issue

LDS Living May/June 2017

Feature Stories: 

"Capturing Faith in Chalk" (Pg. 26)

By Danielle B. Wagner

Capturing Faith in Chalk

From missionaries to modern artists, many Latter-day Saints have shared vivid testimonies through chalk art. Here are just a few brilliant examples and the stories behind them.

"Fashioning Charity" (Pg. 40)

By Jamie Armstrong

Fashioning Charity

For years, Parisian fashion designer Cécile Pelous created beautiful clothing for some of the wealthiest women in the world. But when she decided her life needed more meaning, she joined Mother Teresa to care for the poor in India. After seeing the heartbreaking conditions of these impoverished people firsthand, she knew she couldn’t turn away. In fact, she has dedicated her life to caring for hundreds of orphaned children around the world.

Other Stories:

"Miraculous Stories from the Journals of Handcart Pioneers" (Pg. 18)

By Glenn Rawson

Miraculous Stories from the Journals of Handcart Pioneers

Nearly 70,000 Latter-day Saints traversed over 1,000 miles to arrive in a desert land far away from loved ones and civilization, but of those faithful pioneers, only about 3,000 came by handcart. Here are some unique and inspiring stories straight from their journals.

"The Woman Who Held the Paris Branch Together During World War II" (Pg. 53) 

By Geneva Bates Pincock

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When Hitler’s regime flooded France in 1940, all the LDS priesthood holders were called away or left Paris for safer lands, leaving the care of the Paris Branch in the hands of one woman, Eveline Kleinert, who supported members of the Church in Paris throughout invasion, deprivation, sickness, hunger, and war. Today, her story is celebrated and shared in the visitors’ center of the new Paris France Temple.

"Becoming Seekers Instead of Doubters" (Pg. 59) 

By Sheri Dew, adapted from Worth the Wrestle

Becoming Seekers Instead of Doubters

Several years ago, a marvelous young woman who had just graduated with honors from BYU called me, distraught. Through sobs, she blurted, “Sister Dew, I’m not sure I believe the Church is true, and I’m scared. What if my family isn’t going to be together forever? What if what I’ve been taught my whole life isn’t true?”

Home Cooking

"Creative Cupcakes" (Pg. 69) 

By Lizzy Early, excerpted from Your Cup of Cake

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Whether you are celebrating the warm summer sun and need a refreshing treat or you would like to surprise your parents for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, here are five cupcake recipes that will have you and your family salivating this summer season.

Just Asking

Nathan Pacheco (Pg. 75) 

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A talented musician and devoted member of the Church, Nathan Pacheco has captured the hearts of many with his gifted voice and humble spirit. Here’s what he has to say about his faith, family, and love of music.

Pictures from Jed Wells, Emily Hyatt, Bonneville Communications, Shutterstock, Geneva Bates Pincock, Getty Images, Your Cup of Cake, and Nathan Pacheco