September/October 2011 Issue

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Feature Stories: 

"Remembering 9/11: An LDS Perspective" (Pg. 38)

By Jamie Lawson

Remembering 9/11: An LDS Perspective

On September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on U.S. soil shocked the world and changed countless lives forever, including the lives of many Latter-day Saints. Read the perspectives of Church members who lost loved ones, those who narrowly escaped death, and those who were serving in Church leadership at the time. 

"Of Brush, Bronze, and Beauty" (Pg. 50)

By Briana Stewart

Meet three LDS artists who are creating a stir in the art world: J. Kirk Richards, Angela Johnson, and Annie Henrie. Get to know the faces behind these talented hands and find out who inspires them, what it's like to depict the Savior, and their advice to aspiring LDS artists.

Other Stories:

"Elizabeth Smart: Faith, Forgiveness, and Hope for the Future" (Pg. 27)

By Jamie Lawson

Elizabeth Smart: Faith, Forgiveness, and Hope for the Future

The Kidnapping victim-turned-children's advocate talks about her mission, life in the spotlight, her plans for the future, and her faith in the gospel.

"Dating that Clicks" (Pg. 33) 

By Briana Stewart

Dating that Clicks

Get up to date with these 20 keys to online courtships.

Home Cooking

"Pumpkin Recipes for Fall" (Pg. 85)  

By LDS Living Staff and LDS Living Readers

Pumpkin Recipes for Fall

Fall is often associated with the many colors, shapes, and sizes of squash that abound during this season. Most famous of all is the pumpkin, used as a Halloween decoration and in pies galore. But its uses extend beyond the traditional baked goods. Check out these recipes to find new and exciting ways to introduce pumpkin to your table.

Just Asking

Stephen Jones  (Pg. 91) 

Just Asking: Stephen Jones

Funny man and star of BYU's viral video "New Spice: Study like a scholar, scholar" talks comedy and being true to who you are.