September/October 2015 Issue

September/October 2015

Feature Stories: 

"20 Things You Didn’t Know About Church History" (Pg. 30)

From the editors of The Joseph Smith Papers Project

20 Things You Didn't Know About church History

Did you know that early Church leaders originally planned to have 24 temples in Jackson County, Missouri? Or that several brethren had a vision of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father during a meeting of the School of the Prophets? Read on to learn more fascinating facts you might not have known about Church history.

"The Cokeville Miracle" (Pg. 38)

By Jamie Armstrong

The Cokeville Miracle

On May 16, 1986, an elementary school in the tiny town of Cokeville, Wyoming, was held hostage by a married couple with  a bomb. The miraculous events that followed transformed the lives of hundreds of people, including many who witnessed angels or received heavenly help from deceased ancestors.

Other Stories:

"How to Support Part-Member Families" (Pg. 19)

By Debra Sansing Woods

How to Support Part-Member Families

Many LDS families have a parent or spouse who is less-active or not a member of the Church. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to love and include them in our own ward and family activities. Find out how you can better support those part-member families you know.

"10 Ways to Improve Your Temple Experience" (Pg. 23) 

By S. Michael Wilcox, excerpted from The House of Glory

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This list of tips will help any member have more powerful and personal experiences within the walls of the Lord’s house.

"25 Ways to Live Conference All Year Long" (Pg. 52)
Debra Sansing Woods

25 Ways to Live Conference All Year Long

As we gear up for conference, it can be difficult to find ways to remember all of the wonderful words of wisdom we hear from the pulpit—no matter how fast we take notes. Here are some ideas to keep the words of the prophets fresh in our minds all year round.

The Church Around the World

"The Church in Cambodia" (Pg. 59)

By Trent Toone, courtesy of the Deseret News

The Church in Cambodia

Despite the often devastating circumstances of violence and poverty that the Saints in Cambodia face, they have found ways to flourish, thanks to the or faith in and testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Home Cooking

"Delectable Desserts" (Pg. 69) 

By Six Sisters' Stuff

Delectable Desserts

Looking for some new treats to add to your recipe collection? Try some of these creative and tasty desserts! From kooky to classy, there’s a treat for everyone.

Just Asking

Lloyd Newell (Pg. 75) 

Just Asking: Lloyd Newell

For 25 years, Lloyd Newell has been the voice and writer of Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Music & the Spoken Word, the longest continuous network broadcast in the world. We got the chance to ask him about his legacy with the choir and why he loves it still.

Pictures from the editors of The Joseph Smith Papers Project, Casper College Western History class, Thinkstock, Shutterstock, Six Sisters, Lloyd Newell