September/October 2017 Issue

LDS Living September/October 2017 Issue

Feature Stories: 

"Mormon and Gay: One Man’s Journey Away from the Church and Back Again" (Pg. 26)

By Jamie Armstrong

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After Tom Christofferson asked to be excommunicated in the early ’80s, he spent nearly two decades in a committed same-sex relationship. After returning to the Church, and now, as a temple-worthy gay Mormon, Christofferson opens up about his spiritual journey and shares valuable lessons for LGBTQ Mormons, their families, and the ward members who love them.

"Faith on the Gridiron" (Pg. 40)

By Danielle B. Wagner

Faith on the Gridiron

At one point in his life, Garett Bolles had nothing. No home, no money, no direction. Now he’s an NFL player, husband, and father, but he knows none of that could be possible today without the Lord directing his life.

Other Stories:

"Ministering One by One" (Pg. 18)

By Elder David A. Bednar, adapted from One by One

Ministering One by One

People frequently ask me to identify and share some of the important lessons I have learned during my years of service as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. Because I am blessed to meet, serve with, and learn from faithful Church members all over the world, the lessons are many and wide-ranging. Over the years, however, the principle and spiritual pattern of one by one has blessed me and influenced my ministry in powerful ways.

"Hidden Treasure" (Pg. 53) 

By Brenda Stanley

Hidden Treasure

I’m not a Mormon. But when I stumbled upon some old love letters written by a Mormon widower, I was compelled to seek out his descendants and share this precious family treasure with them. It was a journey that touched my heart in ways I could never have imagined.

"The Church in Zambia" (Pg. 59) 

By Katharine Lyon

The Church in Zambia

In south-central Africa, the country of Zambia boasts a population of around 15 million, with an LDS Church membership of around 3,800. With an organized stake in the capital city, Lusaka, and two districts in the northern Copperbelt region, the Church continues to grow and develop.

Home Cooking

"Fun Fall Recipes (Pg. 69) 

By Six Sisters' Stuff, excerpted from Celebrate Every Season with Six Sisters' Stuff 

Fun Fall Recipes

Whether you are preparing for a Halloween party or celebrating the beautiful autumn leaves, here are some delicious fall-themed recipes your family will enjoy this season.

Just Asking

Caitlin Connolly (Pg. 75) 

Just Asking: Caitlin Connolly

Talented artist and mother Caitlin Connolly has a unique style of art that beautifully illustrates her testimony of the gospel. We recently sat down with her to find out how she balances being a mother and an artist, what inspires her paintings, and how her art and spirituality are connected.

Pictures from Jed Wells, Shutterstock, Brenda Stanley, Julius Ngambi, Six Sisters' Stuff, and Caitlin Connolly