What It Feels Like When a Spirit Leaves Its Body + Other Insights on Death and the Spirit World

by Duane S. Crowther, excerpted from "Life Everlasting: A Definitive Study of Life After Death" | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think

In 1981, a Gallup poll reported, “Nearly one-third of all Americans—or about 47 million people—have had wha...


When Life Feels Out of Control: 4 Ways to Turn Our Burdens into Blessings

by Robert L. Millet, adapted from "I Will Fear No Evil" | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think

I knew one man who claimed that he would be perfect by the age of thirty. He set out on a deliberate progra...


Elder Renlund's Humbling, 13-Word Conversation with His Father That Changed His Life

by Elder and Sister Renlund, "The Melchizedek Priesthood" | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

When I was released as a stake president, I was expecting a big thank you from the presiding authorities. I...


What Is It to Speak with the Tongue of Angels

by Book of Mormon Central | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think

This article is republished with permission from Book of Mormon Central. For more inspiring and instructive...


3 Ways to Create Powerful Missionary Moments Without Making It Feel Forced

by Clayton M. Christensen, adapted from "The Power of Everyday Missionaries" | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

How can we better share our religion without making the conversation feel forced? What should we be sharing...


President Trump, Utah Senator Say Josh Holt and His Wife Are Freed from Venezuelan Prison

by Katie Lambert | May 26, 2018 | Mormon Life

After being held more than two years in a Venezuelan prison, Josh Holt and his wife, Thamara Holt, have bee...


How We Misinterpret "Black" and "Curse" in the Scriptures: Insights from a Black Convert

by Danielle B. Wagner | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Shortly after African American Sandra Bland was found hanged in a jail cell in Waller County, Texas, and 10...


5 Ways to Have More Quality Time with Your Spouse That Are Better Than Watching TV

by Robyne Gallacher | May 26, 2018 | Makes You Think

As a young couple struggling to establish a spiritual foundation in a temporal world, my husband and I have...


Week Eight: 9 Lessons for FHE on "The Family: A Proclamation to the World"

by Erin Jones | May 25, 2018 | Lesson Helps

Get the entire FHE lesson series on "The Family: A Proclamation to the World." Get the PDF version of this ...


First Presidency Calls 8 New Mission Presidents to Serve in Taiwan, Venezuela + More

by LDS.org | May 25, 2018 | Mormon Life

From Taiwan to Venezuela and Australia to Japan, the following eight mission presidents and their wives hav...