"Written by Jannalee Rosner"

General Conference: Facts & Figures

by Jannalee Rosner | News from Utah

General conference: it's the semiannual super weekend where we all come together to listen to be uplifted a...


Quiz: What Do You Remember from Last Conference?

by Jannalee Rosner | Fun


Celebrate Food on a Stick Day: 20 Mouth-watering Recipes

by Jannalee Rosner | The Food Dish

Breakfast on a Stick Stuffed Almond Butter and Strawberry Jam French Toast Kabobs   Ever have trouble ...


Raising LDS Boys vs. Girls

by LDS Living Staff

It's simple: boys and girls are different. In some cases, treating a daughter differently than a son makes ...


7 Fun Facts about BYU's New President, Kevin J. Worthen

by Jannalee Rosner & Jenny Spencer | Official Church Info

1. He is an Area Seventy. In 2010, President Worthen was called to be an Area Seventy at the age of 53. Are...


7 (More) Things You Didn't Know a Mormon Invented

by Jannalee Rosner

1. Improved Firearms Often called “The Father of Modern Firearms,” Ogden-born John Moses Browning is credit...


5 Easy Ways to Create a Faith-focused Home

by Jannalee Rosner

An LDS visitors' center is a great place to take a gander if you’re looking for a quick summary of the Chur...


Preparing Youth for the Temple

by Jannalee Rosner | Lifestyle

Until the time a child turns 8, teaching is usually focused on baptism : its importance, its symbolism, its...


LDS Winter Olympians in History

by Jannalee Rosner | People

Did you know that Mormon Olympians have won 2 gold, 7 silver, 2 bronze, and countless accolades for their c...


5 Cutest Church-Made Commercials

by Jannalee Rosner | From the Church Videos Fun

1) Bad Hair Day Two little girls find a fun and stylish way to get Dad to stay home from bowling night. 2) ...