"Written by Jenny Spencer"

President Kimball's "Never-Failing Formula" to "Guarantee Every Couple a Happy & Eternal Marriage"

by Mormon Women Stand | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Did you know that all the way back in 1977, President Kimball outlined a "never-failing formula" for every ...


Teachings of Howard W. Hunter Lesson 3: "Adversity–Part of God’s Plan for Our Eternal Progress"

by Kelly Merrill | Lesson Helps

Resistance to opposition creates our spiritual movement forward. Having to resist something forces us into ...


5 Gospel Lessons from the “I Have a Dream” Speech

by Jenny Spencer | Makes You Think

1. God is no respecter of persons. By virtue of being sons and daughters of God, all men and women—no ...


Book of Mormon Lesson 3: "Desirable Above All Other Fruit"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Lesson Helps

QUOTE OF THE WEEK: . . . it is not the book's dramatic crises, its history, its narrative that are so impor...


LDS Couple Shares Infertility Journey, Live Birth on YouTube, Gets Over 4.5 Million Views

by Jake Healey | Famous Mormons

Life for a young married couple isn't always  usually easy. School can be taxing, work can be dra...


Book of Mormon Lesson 1: "The Keystone of Our Religion"

by Ted L. Gibbons | Makes You Think Mormon Life Lesson Helps

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to lessons for the Book of Mormon for 2016.  I consider your participation in th...


Washington Post: Here's Why Mormons Especially Love "Star Wars"

by Washington Post | Fun Mormon Life

Everyone is suffering a little from Star Wars fever right now. But Mormons especially. Here's one Washingto...


Book of Mormon Sunday School Lesson 2: All Things According to His Will

by Ted L. Gibbons | Makes You Think Mormon Life

1 Nephi 1-7 My intent is to begin each lesson this year with a useful quote about the Book of Mormon from t...


Church Shares Hilarious Video About 4 Wise Men & Expired Gift Cards by Studio C

by LDS Living | From the Church Videos Famous Mormons Mormon Life

"While we love the gift of clean comedy, we are incredibly grateful this season for our Lord and Savior Jes...


David Archuleta & Nathan Pacheco Sing Breathtaking Song "The Prayer," Church Shares

by LDS Living | From the Church Videos Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Watch artists David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco team up in this absolutely gorgeous rendition of "The Pray...