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{A&E} Why I Loved Women's Conference

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As a former student at Brigham Young University, I remember two days that occurred every year during the tr...


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Raise your hand if you saw the Lifetime movie based on Prince William and Kate Middleton? I’m totally raisi...


{Lifestyle} What Christmas and Easter Have in Common

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No, this isn’t a post about Christmas--if it were, I’d be four months late. Bear with me until I make my po...


{Food Dish} Apple-Puffed Pancakes for Conference

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As general conference approaches, one item of food specifically comes to mind: Apple-Puffed Pancakes. I’m h...


{A&E} Thoughts on Elder Holland's <i>Created for Greater Things</i>

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I think it was about four years ago while I was in the MTC when I solidified my testimony of the importance...


{Lifestyle} Preparing for General Conference

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Saturday mornings growing up always meant a bowl of Cheerios and early-morning cartoons. But then, there we...


{Lifestyle} DIY Wedding Ideas

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Have you noticed the influx of wedding invitations you start receiving in your mailbox when it starts to ge...


{Lifestyle} Making Mom Relax

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I have a lot of young mothers in my life right now--sister, sisters-in-law, best friends, ward members, and...


{A&E} My Obsession with Jane Austen

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A few weeks ago, I got into an excited conversation with five other girls I work with – what topic could ha...


{LDS How-to} Support Your Sister Missionary

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Just over two years ago, I returned home from serving a mission in Frankfurt, Germany. I also have a younge...