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Sponsored: Experience the Power of One Dog to Change Everything —"The Stray" Movie to Open Nationwide This Friday

by The Stray (Sponsored) | September 2, 2017

Struck Films, Purdie Distribution, and Motive Entertainment announce the upcoming release of  The Stra...


The Mormon Neglect: Conferences Past and Present (Sponsored)

by M. Lee Hamblin (Sponsored) | September 2, 2017

Each April and October, as members of the Church we find ourselves thrilled to hear the new messages from o...


Sponsored: Why We Should Pay Attention to Our Hormones

by Dr. Robert Jones (Sponsored) | September 1, 2017

'I think my wife's losing it." That’s what one of my mountain biking buddies said to me a few months ago .&...


Sponsored: LDS Daughter Shares Her and Her Mom’s Dramatic Restoration of Health Miracles

by John Hewlett (Sponsored) | August 20, 2017

Editor's note: This is an advertisement and LDS Living does not endorse Cardio Miracle or other products me...


"It Only Takes One": New Music Video from Wayne Burton

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored) | August 20, 2017

Wayne Burton is a singer and songwriter who has been contributing to LDS inspirational music for over 15 ye...


History of the Saints Conference Series: "Knowing Joseph"

by History of the Saints (Sponsored) | August 3, 2017

Knowing Joseph August 12, 2017, Idaho Falls, Idaho It was late October 1838 and the state of Missouri had i...

Sponsored: Is the Mormon “Sweet Tooth” (Excess Sugar Consumption) the Culprit in the LDS Obesity Epidemic?

by Grant Grayson (Sponsored) | August 1, 2017

BYU/Stanford University-Developed Weight Control Program Helps 1.3 Million Overcome Sugar Addiction to Lose...


Is Your Energy “Crashing”?

by Dr. Robert Jones (Sponsored) | July 19, 2017

Emily consulted me for what she called her “personal energy crisis.” She was 39 years old, and she felt tha...


Alex Boyé to Replace Christopher Jackson as Guest Artist for Pioneer Day Concert

by Mormon Tabernacle Choir | July 6, 2017 | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Did you hear about the new guest artist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day concert? Due to unavoid...


Sponsored: Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery Reveals the Hidden Cause of Age-Related Disease

by John Hewlett (Sponsored) | July 1, 2017

I’ve been on over 5 difference medications for depression, and numerous other prescriptions for chronic fat...