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{LDSL Blog} My Vaccination Decision

by Katie Barlow - LDS Living | LDS Living Blog

There I was, sitting in the doctor’s office for a pre-mission physical exam and excited to serve. But among...

Church in Reverse

by By Common Consent | Best of LDS Blogs

BCC reader Katie W. says we should go to church backwards. What the what? Several years ago our stake rever...


Mormon Bikers of Germany celebrates 15th birthday

by Katie Barlow | Opinions & Features

A group of motorcycles rolls through a small village in Germany. While riding, this group’s line is approxi...


LDS author wins national book award, again

by Katie Barlow | Arts & Entertainment

This year, ForeWord Reviews awarded the Gold honor to the book The Golden Spiral , written by LDS author Li...


N.Y. 'I'm a Mormon' ads creating missionary opportunities

by Katie Barlow | Opinions & Features

Mormons are the talk of the town these days, and the Church is aiming to create more buzz with their newly-...


Phantom Scriptures Debunked

by Katie Barlow | Opinions & Features

We’ve all been in that church meeting where we hear someone say, “In the scriptures, it teaches that with g...


Moscow, Russia receives its first stake

by Katie Barlow | Official Church Info Opinions & Features

Members of the Church in Russia had reason to rejoice on Sunday as Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of...


LDS girl a finalist in Google Doodle competition

by Katie Barlow | Opinions & Features

Leah Smith, an LDS seven-year-old from Holladay, Utah, was selected as a regional finalist for the Doodle4G...


"If you build it": Mongolian children to benefit from new library

by Katie Barlow - LDS Living | Opinions & Features

In a remote village in Mongolia, hundreds of children are forced to drop out of school because of condition...


LDS furniture donation helps refugees

by The Herald Journal | Opinions & Features

Several refugee families living in Logan received much-needed donations of furniture, bedding and other ite...