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History of the Saints Conference Series: "Knowing Joseph"

by History of the Saints (Sponsored) | August 3, 2017

Knowing Joseph August 12, 2017, Idaho Falls, Idaho It was late October 1838 and the state of Missouri had i...

Sponsored: Is the Mormon “Sweet Tooth” (Excess Sugar Consumption) the Culprit in the LDS Obesity Epidemic?

by Grant Grayson (Sponsored) | August 1, 2017

BYU/Stanford University-Developed Weight Control Program Helps 1.3 Million Overcome Sugar Addiction to Lose...


Is Your Energy “Crashing”?

by Dr. Robert Jones (Sponsored)

Emily consulted me for what she called her “personal energy crisis.” She was 39 years old, and she felt tha...


Alex Boyé to Replace Christopher Jackson as Guest Artist for Pioneer Day Concert

by Mormon Tabernacle Choir | Famous Mormons Mormon Life

Did you hear about the new guest artist for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Pioneer Day concert? Due to unavoid...


Sponsored: Nobel Prize-Winning Discovery Reveals the Hidden Cause of Age-Related Disease

by John Hewlett (Sponsored)

I’ve been on over 5 difference medications for depression, and numerous other prescriptions for chronic fat...


Church Dedicates New Visitors's Center at Historic Pioneer Crossing

by LDS.org | Mormon Life

On Thursday, the Church dedicated the Sixth Crossing Visitors' Center, a historic crossing for the Mormon p...


Why I'm Glad Spiritual Tests Differ from College Entrance Exams

by Shalissa Lindsay; Adapted from "Answers Will Come: Trusting the Lord in the Meantime" | Makes You Think

The following is adapted from the newly released book  Answers Will Come: Trusting the Lord in the Mea...


“I Feel Terrible . . . in Spurts”

by Dr. Robert Jones (Sponsored)

“I feel terrible . . . in spurts.” This is a comment a patient of mine made to me recently when she came in...


5 Key Secrets to a Happy Family I Learned from a New York Times Best-Selling Author

by Rachel J. Trotter | Mormon Life

At the 2017 RootsTech conference, author Rachel J. Trotter met with New York Times best-selling a...


Connecting Faith, Family, and Fun in One Activity With Brick'Em Young

by Brick'Em Young (Sponsored)

Connecting FAITH, FAMILY and FUN in one activity with Brick’Em Young ! Brick’Em Young has just created a ne...