"Written by Val Chadwick Bagley"

12 Affordable LDS Stocking Stuffers

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Old Fashioned Music Grinder: Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam Put a song in every child’s pocket! These old-fas...


LDS Family Creates Disney Videos, Earns Free Access to YouTube Studio

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The Bagley family loves to sing, act and make videos — and millions of people all over the world are watchi...


LDS Family's 'Frozen' Remake Goes Viral

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For a grand total of $5.49 and an afternoon of fun, the Bagley family of Riverton, Utah has garnered nation...


7 Great LDS Family Games

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Ancient War (Card Game) $6.99 Enjoy hours of family fun! Familiar card games you know and love with a Latte...


{A&E} Photos and Demo Video of New Roof Cookbook: A Smorgasbord of Awesome Material

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You may have seen our staff's attempts (and success) at reproducing recipes from the new Recipes from the R...


BYU Police Beat Roundtable – Halloween Edition

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ANIMAL PROBLEMS: Sept. 7: Campus Police received a call at 7 a.m. saying a bat was flying around in the Wil...


Creator of the popular Old Spice ads is a Mormon

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He wasn't this popular during a short stint in the NFL, but thanks to the creative minds behind the Old Spi...

Goblins to Gadianton: LDS cartoonist celebrates 20 years

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Once upon a time, Val Chadwick Bagley was sitting around, drawing cheese and hot dog labels. He had to face...

Nephite names find a 'home' in Middle East

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Nephi begins his story by telling us that in about 600 B.C. his father Lehi received a divine command to ta...

Help Your Teens Avoid Immorality

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I am a mom of two little kids. Their well-being is of utmost importance to me. Right now their well-being i...