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LDS Reality Show Host Gains 75 Pounds (On Purpose!), Then Loses It

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Anyone who's been there will tell you--weight loss is hard. Sometimes it even seems impossible. But as anyo...


LDS Man Runs Marathons on All 7 Continents (Even Antarctica)

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It’s July of 2003, and the track is nearly deserted. Only Mark Dangerfield braves the scorching Arizona hea...


5 Things Severus Snape Taught Me About Living the Gospel

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Spoiler Alert: This article assumes the reader is familiar with the plot of the Harry Potter series. If you...


LDS Couple Shares Infertility Journey, Live Birth on YouTube, Gets Over 4.5 Million Views

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Life for a young married couple isn't always  usually easy. School can be taxing, work can be dra...


Our Favorite Viral Missionary Videos of All Time

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Even though they get to travel the world, anyone who's served a mission knows it's not all fun and games. O...


Changing the World with Chocolate: One Mormon Man's Story

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Who can travel to remote corners of the world, run an award-winning, internationally recognized business, a...


LDS Family of Rodeo World Champs Refuses to Become "Kardashians of Rodeo" with Reality TV Show

by Deseret News | Fun Mormon Life

MR says: The Wright name is one to be reckoned with when it comes to rodeo. In 2008, Cody Wright won the wo...


6 Epic Mormon-Themed Snow Sculptures

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Lorenzo Snow. Erastus Snow. Eliza R. Snow. It should be clear to even a casual observer of the Church that ...


13-Year-Old LDS Singer Signs Music Deal With Sony

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If you've never heard Lexi Walker sing, stop what you're doing and watch this video. Do it. Now. This video...


LDS Judge Brings Christmas Joy to Prison Inmates

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Christmas is a time of selflessness--but often, the service we provide and the gifts we give during this se...