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Race Issues Tackled in Latest Saints & Soldiers Film

by Jenny Spencer | News from Utah

When film producer Adam Abel and director Ryan Little came up with the idea to make a short film about Morm...


Is Food the Mormon Vice?

by Jenny Spencer | Mormon Life

My name’s Jenny. I’m a Mormon. And I’m a chocoholic.  Let me tell you a story. From ages 11 to 22, I c...


Poll: How Much Do Mormon Weddings Cost?

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Wedding buzz is certainly in the air (actually, mostly in my Facebook feed and on my refrigerator). But it ...


What's the Favorite LDS Temple of All Time?

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 Salt Lake Temple wins it by 7% of the vote! Here’s the breakdown: 1. Salt Lake Temple (35%) 2. San Di...


Poll: Which Temple Is Your Favorite?

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Do Mormons Love the World Cup More than Most Americans?

by Jenny Spencer | Fun

Before my mission, I never watched soccer—let alone the World Cup. I knew that the world at large loved it,...


8 Non-LDS Movies All Mormons Love

by Jannalee Rosner & Jenny Spencer | Fun

1. Princess Bride Nearly every Mormon loves The Princess Bride , and if they don’t love it, they’ve at leas...


How to Live with Imperfect People (Including You)

by Jenny Spencer | Mormon Life

Perfectionism. It’s a slippery slope. Obsessing over doing everything perfectly can lead to anxiety, depres...


10 Clever Ways to Eat Easter Leftovers

by Jenny Spencer

Chopped Cobb Salad from SheKnows.com Ham & Veggie Crustless Quiche from Healthy Aperture Curry Egg Sala...


Poll: What Do You Eat on Easter?

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Every family does Easter their own way. It’s not like Christmas where a tree, stockings, and presents are a...