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BYU Researcher Says Women Are Still Doing Most of the Housework—and the Surprising Reason That's Bad for Men

by LDS.org | Mormon Life

“Partner involvement in housework and joint decision-making were predictive of greater [family] satisfactio...


Are Your Hormones Driving You Crazy?

by Dr. Robert Jones (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

Are your hormones dragging, sagging, and nagging? Why do I start with that sentence? Because it makes peopl...


Newest Invention the Ultimate in Water Purification?

by 4Patriots (Sponsored)

I’m always on the lookout for the best and newest inventions out there that could save your life in a crisi...


Even Better Than Chocolate

by Laura Brotherson (Sponsored)

Chocolates are a delicious option for Valentine's Day, but there's something even better than chocolate. Yo...


The Myth of Attraction

by Alisa Goodwin Snell (Sponsored) | Makes You Think Mormon Life

Before movies and magazines proliferated our society, one’s perception of attraction was limited to the rea...


It’s Never Too Soon to Strategize Retirement

by MACU (Sponsored)

My adult children still come to me for advice. Thank goodness! One subject we discuss is saving for retirem...

New Music Video Will Bring Peace When Youth Have Unanswered Questions

by Wayne Burton (Sponsored)

This new music video by Wayne Burton highlights the 2017 Mutual theme, "Ask in Faith." The song has also be...


LDS Teens Among Finalists for Super Bowl Public Service Announcement

by LDS Living Staff | Makes You Think Mormon Life

The Super Bowl isn't all about football. The commercials, costing as much as $5 million for every 30 s...


Brigham Young University Winterfest 2017

by BYU Winterfest (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

Experience the artistic talent of music and dance as performing groups from Brigham Young University take t...


Relationships: Why Good Can Be Best

by Alissa Snell (Sponsored) | Mormon Life

Most LDS singles strive to be their best in every aspect of life. They fear settling for something that is ...